We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of

We cater for Patients covered by the GMS and Patients who are not as yet covered by the GMS and are presently fee paying.

We are fully participating in schemes with Aviva, Glo Health, LAYA and VHI. We issue receipts at the time of consult at reception.

The following is a guide to fees payable for more common consultation/service types. If you feel none of these headings apply please discuss same and seek clarification with Consulting professional at time of booking.

All services are available to GMS card holders but note SOME may incur a charge NOT covered by GMS service

Standard Consultation €50
Review Of Same Complaint in 1 Week €30
Consultation Plus Blood Test €70
Consult 1 adult + 1 child €85
Consult and Swab €70
STI screen incl. bloods €85
ECG + Interpretation €70
24 hr abpm device fitting, removal and instruction (2 appts) €80
24 hr abpm GP follow up if required €30
Haemochromatosis therapeutic venesection iron monitoring €80
Pre employment medical €80
Mirena fitting +/- removal same consult €150
Implanon fit and removal same consult €150
Implanon fitting only €80
Cryotherapy to approved skin lesions €50
Nurse consultation €30
Private medical certificates €20
Social Welfare certificate No charge, legally required to attend doctor
Forms or letters for private purpose not requiring consult €25
Prescription without consult €20
Consult and nebulisation €65
Ear syringe additional to consult €20
Suture or tissue glue of wound €85
Removal only of mirena €50
Removal only of implanon €65
Medicolegal report €350
Copy of records for medicolegal purpose €250
Driving license medical €50
Travel vaccine consult €70
Admin of vaccines/provision antimalarial prescription €30 per visit (does not include cost of vaccines)
Wound dressings Price dependent on materials, please enquire

Service fees for GMS card holders not covered by the GMS scheme

STI screen €40
NDLS medical and/or eyesight exam €50
Employment medical €50
Letters/forms €25

This list is not exhaustive. Please enquire at reception for any service not listed.